Newspaper Interview

This interview has been added at the request of several people who read it when published.

CONTEXT: The local news media contacted me to ask if I would be prepared to be interviewed for their articles on local personalities that were published weekly in their Sunday Supplement under the heading: “Up Close & Personal”.

The reporter explained that the questions were not about my professional life but about me personally, and that they would be asked without notice to get a spontaneous response.

I was amused to be considered a local personality but was assured that the newspaper had received several requests to add me to the list of those so interviewed. Slightly bemused, I agreed to do it.

On completing the interview I commented on how challenging the interview was - and asked the reporter had she ever thought how she would answer such questions, asked without any opportunity to pre-think and prepare an answer.

“Oh Paquita”, was the response, “I hope no one ever asks me anything like that with no time to prepare.”

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"Up Close & Personal" Newspaper Article

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