Discover Interesting Places "Fellow Travellers"

In response to many requests, we now offer a chance to add your own travel stories, together with their photographs- so we can discover YOUR interesting places.

We have had so many requests to post the interesting places and their stories as discovered by readers of this site, that we now have an ability to host them here as well.

You will receive named credit for the page – and you can have your own series of pages within the site. You retain all your copyrights – for both photos and text.

Naturally, as this is a very visual site, each story will need to be illustrated with good quality photos. has a particular style and focus: telling stories about the places visited and adding a bit of their history, a bit about the personalities and events that have made them special, and revealing through this a little of what makes them distinctive.

We want to keep the “Fellow Traveller” pages in this style and will be making subjective judgement about whether your story fits within our focus or not – but we are excited to receive your application to join the site.

Here is a quick “check-list:

Tell us in your own words what you would like to lodge on the site and why it fits. Let us know about your photos and a bit about what you enjoy about your travelling adventures – or just send us some sample text to the email contact at paquita-bedouin (at- to fool the wandering trawlers of the net) with the subject heading FELLOW TRAVELLER...

If your style and ours don’t match, it is not a personal rejection. It is just that the content or style is not one that fits within this family of stories – something we are sure you can appreciate.

We at are glad to have you travel with us and in turn look forward to travelling with you on your adventures!