Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau

When visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, we had chosen to stay right at the castle’s doorstep, in Hohenschwangau – translated as ‘the high country of the swans’.

It was an inspired choice. Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau seemed to echo the charm of both of the castles between which it sits: Neuschwanstein above...

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

… and Hohenschwangau below.

Arch of Hohenschwangau Castle in Bavaria

Hohenschwangau castle reconstructed upon the ruins of another ancient castle by Ludwig’s father, Maximilian II.

It is no accident that the Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau has an ideal location, for it has a long connection with both castles.

You can see just how ideal thsi is in this photo of Hotel Müller on the left in the curve of the road below Neuschwanstein.

Neuschwanstein Castle above Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau

If you are lucky, you could have a bedroom with a terrace from which to overlook either castle.

Terrace bedrooms of Hotel Müller overlooking Hohenschwangau Castle

Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau is next to the Tourist Bureau, the only place one can purchase tickets to visit the castles.

We had opted for a package that included tickets of entry to both castles, overnight with breakfast, and a ‘gala’ four-course evening meal. It was truly excellent value.

The first night we were late arriving and found a fruit platter waiting for us.

Welcome fruit platter in Hotel Müller Hohenshwangau

We selected from the à la carte menu and in my usual fashion of speaking with emphasis from hand gestures – much to the amusement of the waiting staff, I knocked my fortunately empty wine glass into the butter dish – squashing the butter to form a piece of art itself in a hotel where art was everywhere.

Wine glass and butter artwork

 There is art in the form of the elaborate light stand in the dining room alcove.

Golden palm lamp Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau Bavaria

It can be seen in the Bavarian features of cut metalwork on another lamp in the dining area.

Traditional lamp Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau Bavaria

There is a marvelous wooden carved statue of the Swan King...

Swan King carving Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau Bavaria

... that accentuates the modern design of the lobby.

Entrance lobby Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau Bavaria

A lovely mirror reflects the entrance…

Mirror Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau Bavaria

…and  swan wall lamps reflect feathers against mahogany in the hallway.

Swan wall lamp Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau Bavaria

Then there is the art of the food itself at Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau, be it at the beginning of the meal or at the end.

Entrée of duck Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau Bavaria

Although I don’t follow the quote advising:

Eat dessert first,

Life is uncertain

I always like to read the dessert menu first and work back from there.

The way I look at it, everything needs context - and making the dessert decision first gives the meal context as you await that final enjoyment.


The hotel has been in the hands of the Müller family ever since it was established – following an earlier lodging that sat in the same location and also owned by the family – for those attending the castle of Hohenschwanstein.

(Here I must disclaim any personal benefit or sponsorship for writing about Hotel Müller.

I do so in reward for the exceptionally friendly service offered.

Elsewhere in the service industry to both castles you sometimes get the feeling they have seen one tourist too many)

The patriarch of the family Müller still watches over the family business from his framed portrait in the hallway.

Herr Müller the patriarch of Hotel Müller

His family provided the transportation of the building materials and artisans that built both Hohenschwanstein and Neuschwanstein, so it is no wonder that with their horse-drawn cartage business being their foundation, Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau is now the starting point for the horse drawn carriage rides to Neuschwanstein castle.

Bavarian coach horses waiting by Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau

The Hotel Müller staff form a happy band who obviously enjoy people. All the other elements of a good hotel are there, but this is its real point of differentiation.

By staying right at the foot of Neuschwanstein Castle, you have an opportunity to appreciate the serenity of the location before the rest of the tourists arrive.

The dawn was just sleepily creeping over the mountain tops and early morning swirls of mist lifted off the pink coverlet that had covered the Alpsee lake at night.

Alpsee below Neuschwanstein Castle at dawn

In the quietness, the occasional leap of a fish left a perfect set of concentric ripples behind – like embroidery on pale blue silk.

Alpsee Hohenschwangau Bavaria

For generations, the Müller family and their teams have proudly and warmly welcomed people from all over the world.

From my experience, their genuine liking of people is revealed in the way you feel you are not a guest, but a friend who is imposing slightly and therefore really ought to contribute financially towards the upkeep!

Here is the link to the Müller Hotel. Enjoy your stay.

Müller Hotel Website

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