When I left University and planned to leave my home country, Australia, and travel to Canada, my grandmother told me: “Now your education will begin”.

From Canada my travels have taken me to live in the USA, UK, Italy, France, and Germany.

Education is a lifelong occupation for someone with unending curiosity. But sharing travels with another- and the learning that comes with it - lets you relive the magic and the adventure. Memories allow you to  look back on shared experiences, shared laughter, and shared friendship – revisiting the moments and the people who have helped build your life.

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Which of These Interest You?

I have lived in other interesting places and have travelled to many more - always with one constant companion: a camera.

Now I also have the companionship of an easy-going chap, my friend Balu, the Chow Chow.

My goal is to share with you some of the discoveries that have given such character to my own travels.

Perhaps here at Discover Interesting Places you may enjoy a new perspective on some old favourites – or discover somewhere new.

It may be that you join me as an armchair traveller from wherever you are reading this, or by going there yourself to make your own memories. Your own photos and stories record them: I look forward to some of you lodging your own stories here on the “Fellow Travellers” pages.Just send me an email and we can work on it together.

Meanwhile - come with me.

            Share my adventures.

                   Meet some interesting people.

                             Join me as we make our discovery of place.

Smile at the whimsical, ponder the philosophical – but travel with me lightly – for we have many places to enjoy together.

I hope you will be fascinated, captivated, charmed – and make some memories of your own.

Come back often. There are always more interesting places to read about – updates have lagged in the last little while from the one a week that used to add to the portfolio of memories, but pages are once again returning to a regular schedule.

Without me travelling any more or taking any new photos, my existing library is enough for us to travel together to somewhere new every week …and I am always travelling and somehow capturing a small insight into the soul of the places where I go.

I hope you will be a constant and welcome visitor.

My name is Paquita Lamacraft.

Join me.

I’m glad to have you as a travelling companion.

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When change is your native habitat, it often comes with travel opportunities sought and unsought. Here is the profile of the author of discover-interesting-places.
The Cuban Approach
My book 'The Cuban Approach' tells what I learned about Cuba, life and myself, from a month with no plan in the hinterland of Cuba.
Quotes from a thoughtful traveller
A little gift book for all who love to travel and appreciate why travel often imprints our lives with its most vivid moments- even from an armchair.
Other books by Paquita Lamacraft
Paquita Lamacraft has also written on growing your business by empowering your own people. With a Foreword from the head of Agile Strategy Lab, Purdue University School of Engineering - a great handbook.
Paquita Lamacraft interview
Upon request:- Paquita Lamacraft interview 'Up Close and Personal' from the Sunday Supplement on regional personalities
Paquita Lamacraft Pompidoo Personality
Paquita Lamacraft: In exchanging Etihad mileage points for a stylish red Pompidoo camera bag, I had the added benefit of being asked to agree to a Pompidoo Personality Profile. Here is the article.
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So much to explore. What will be the next destination to be discovered on Discover-Interesting-Places.com? This page is where you find out what is being prepared!
Interesting Website links
In doing research to create the right setting and background to the interesting places to which we travel together, here are some sites I enjoyed along the way - and hope you will too.
Porsche Days 2012 Zell am See, Austria
The 2012 celebration of 60 years of Porsche Car Clubs was the first of a planned annual gathering of some of Porsche’s finest in the Porsche family hometown of Zell am See, Austria
Porsche Time Trials Zell am See 2012
At Porsche Days 2012 the line-up of Porsches on the last leg of the Time Trials gave rise to a gallery of Porsche vehicles not often seen together, including the 914,977.987, 933, 956C and GT27.
Porsche Concourse d’Elegance Zell am See Austria
A Concourse d’Elegance for Porsche vehicles at the Austrian airport in in 'Zell am See', the home town of the Porsche family, was part of celebrations of 60 years of Porsche Car Clubs.
Rovinj Croatia
Rovinj:In Croatia on the clear waters of the Adriatic, with a temperate Caribbean climate, this is one of the loveliest places in Istria, which the Romans called the magic land.
Bleigiessen-One of London’s best free events: Varying hues of a waterfall, the wonder of the unexpected, charm of mass lightly suspended - Thomas Heatherwick’s 'Bleigiessen' in the Wellcome Trust Museum
Bloomsbury London
To explore Bloomsbury in London is to travel through streets made familiar by the characters of literature. Here, the legacy of extraordinary lives of former residents colours the present.
The British Museum
A bastion of Britishness, the British Museum traces the heritage of civilisation and is fascinating even to the non-museum buff
London-Twinings Tea goldsmiths and clipper ships
An unlikely association of famous tea, fast clipper ships, coins of the realm, investment banking and the Fleet Street print trade read like an adventure story
Holkham Bay and Marshes
Holkham Bay on the north Norfolk coast has ever changing landscapes and wide vistas blow away the facade of modern living on its winds.
Eiffel Tower Paris
Discover the Eiffel Tower in Paris - and part of it in New Orleans
Notre Dame Cathedral Paris
Discover the many aspects of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
Tower of Notre Dame Cathedral
Climb the Tower of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, meet the Gargoyles and take in the views.
Trocadéro views in Paris
Walk amongst the park sculptures and be enchanted by the fountains, watch the skateboarders and discover one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower from Trocadéro
Paris angels
Discover some Paris angels, bells, and fountains and through their stories find Paris richer
Paris for Food & Cooking Utensils
Paris and food are almost synonymous. Where better to shop for cooking utensils?
Paris Theatre
Paris Theatre: Paris is not a place, it is a play, an experience. It is a place to wander and to gather stories for your suitcase of memories
The charm of Paris
Even in winter Paris can charm - its appeal is without season
Père-Lachaise Cemetery Paris
The Paris Père-Lachaise Cemetery is the final resting place of people whose lives impacted history, of poets and playwrights, of dreamers and fighters – and also of the ordinary person
Paris Tuileries Gardens
From clay pit to Florentine Garden and palace, to a garden modeled on Versailles, the Tuileries Garden in Paris today owes much to several generations of the same garden designing family.
Hôtel-Dieu - Hospices de Beaune
Known now more for its famous charity wine auction, Hospices de Beaune is a place of beauty and its charity hospital works have continued since the 1440’s
La Cotinière - Île d’Oléron
The most productive fishing port in the Charente-Maritime region of France, La Cotinière on the island of Oléron is a beautiful place to enjoy great food
Rules of Oléron
Admiralty Law is based on marine rules called the ‘Rolls of Oléron’ enacted by Eleanor of Aquitaine in the 13th century. They make fascinating reading.
Saint Denis d’Oléron France
On the lovely island south of La Rochelle in France sits a small jewel: Saint Denis d’Oléron
In France, on the east coast of Île d’Oléron, the small port and marina at Boyardville is a great place to enjoy the island’s seafood
Oléron Oyster Route France
Home of France’s best oysters, the oyster trail on the island of Oléron reflects grinding work and art
Mont St. Michel
Mystical, a triumph of engineering and a delight to visit, Mont St. Michel in Brittany France has wonderful off-the-main-path alleys and terraces to explore.
Neuschwanstein Castle
An escape from reality, Neuschwanstein and the other castles designed under the direction of King Ludwig II of Bavaria have left a legacy to his nation and to the world
Hohenschwangau Castle
Hohenschwangau - the castle whose use of legend to theme the castle decoration inspired the more famous Neuschwanstein Castle.
Hohenshwangau grew up as a service town for the construction of the castles of Kings and their needs - but it retains serenity and a very special charm.
Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau
At the foot of Neuschwanstein Castle Hotel Müller treat you as if you are the first guest they have ever welcomed
HohenschwangauCastles in Autumn
Having seen posters of Hohenschwangau Castles in Autumn, the colours looked artificial. However in real life they exceeded all expectations.
The castles of Hohenschwangau
More than just a pretty face: Neuschwanstein Castle has links to a seismological survey and turbo-charged engines
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Medieval Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one of the most visited cities on Germany’s Romantic Road and setting for many fantasy films
Carnival in Mainz Germany
Carnival, Karneval, Mardi Gras, Fasching or Fastnacht:by whatever name, the carnival in Mainz is political, passionate & great fun
Carnival mass Mainz Germany
Carnival Sunday in Mainz Germany: about 2000 people all in costume attend Carnival mass in a thousand year old cathedral
Mainz Carnival in Germany
Mainz Carnival in Germany: On the Monday before Lent begins, Mainz is a city in costume
Mainz Carnival Germany Costumes
Carnival Costumes in Mainz, Germany: a riot of creativity and political satire.
Childrens Carnival Parade Mainz
Mainz: in a city that has been a centre of innovation for centuries, including Gutenberg’s printing press, the Mainz Childrens Carnival Parade celebrates creativity
Bergamo Alta Italy
Winding streets wide enough for two donkeys to pass, towers, plazas and chapels – Bergamo Alta, Italy, draws you to discover its history and its soul
Streets of Bergamo Alta Italy
To dine or shop along the streets of Bergamo Alta in Italy is to experience a shift to a more relaxed approach to both – and to experience that rarest of commodities – authenticity
Castello di Clanezzo
Close to Bergamo lies a castle hotel that where you can experience some luxuries of old, be pampered in the spa – and take a zig zag walk to the river below
Venice arriving by water ferry
Arriving on a ferry transfer from the airport at sunset means travelling through molten waters to a dream of architectural variety and grandeur that flots under a golden cape
Luxembourg City
Landlocked yet powerful, central to the EU, the tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a living picture-book giving little indication of its power and infleunce.
Luxembourg historical buildings along Avenue de la Liberté
Across the Pétrusse Valley, the Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg brings you one of the most prestigious avenues in the world: Avenue de la Liberté
Lazing on the Mediterranean coast and with 360 days of sunshine, Alicante is friendly, relaxed and a haven from less favourable weather elsewhere.
Bonfires of St. John Alicante
Kindled on the Summer Solstice at midnight 20th June, the Fires of St. John in Alicante burn ceremoniously & madly on 24th – with fiesta unending between.
Alicante Hogueras Museum
Each year, the winning statue of the Bonfires of St. John in Alicante is saved from being ignited and burned to ash – to be installed in the Hogueras Museum.
Port de Pollensa and Banyalbufar Mallorca
For the traveller who prefers to experience a Mallorca that is less popular with the madding crowd, Port de Pollensa and Banyalbufar are havens on the northern coast.
Portugal Cork Forests
Portugal’s Atlantic coast and its fringing cork forests form a timeless partnership.
Audubon Zoo New Orleans
Audubon Zoo in New Orleans is home to more than 2000 animals. It's not your average zoo and much loved by all who treasure the simplicity of childlike wonder and delight.
New Orleans Jazz Funeral
Mourning a life lost, celebrating a life lived, and acting on the belief in a here-after: the New Orleans Jazz Funeral is a mark of highest respect by those left behind.
New Orleans Mardi Gras
Despite 12 days of parades (planned & spontaneous) leading up to the big parade itself, New Orleans Mardi Gras is more than an event: it is a symbol of the spirit of a vibrant, creative city
Mardi Gras Dog Parade Krewe of Barkus New Orleans
If ever there is a place where every dog has his day, it’s the New Orleans Mardi Gras Dog Parade
New Orleans Marathon
Whether you run the scenic route through the French Quarter, Garden District and Audubon Park, or take a more relaxed approach, the New Orleans Marathon is unique
The French Quarter New Orleans
With its Spanish and French influence imprinted on its architecture, exotic antique shops and galleries, the French Quarter of New Orleans seduces you with a unique character that always call you back
New Orleans tribute: A Creole Mass
The Creole Mass is a uniquely New Orleans story: A man saved from death, an exceptional gift of musical talent, a promise to God, and a chance meeting:
New Orleans Performers
The city might be known mostly for Mardi Gras, music and good cuisine. But there are a lot more contributions to the culture of New Orleans.
More New Orleans Performers
If you think New Orleans music is just jazz, then you need to go and explore some more.
Still more New Orleans Performers
Not all of the performers to inspire in New Orleans are musicians. Meet some here.
Cienfuegos Cuba
Still an important Cuban port, Cienfuegos was once known as “The Pearl of the South” and has been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site - its former grandeur still visible..
Agricultural Fair-Cuba
On the outskirts of Havana, the agricultural fair gives insight to real non-urban life: Cuban horses, bulls, cowboys, cowboy boots, fine saddles, produce and freshly cooked, tasty take-aways
Art of Dominoes in Havana, Cuba
The game of Dominoes is an art – which in turn inspires art: a visit to the craft market in Havana results in a collection of domino boxes
Havana back street rambles
Havana back streets: decay, restoration, and personality
Havana Capitol Building
The Havana Capitol Building - reflecting grand dreams of liberty
Classic Cars in Havana
Classic cars in Havana that are kept running with innovative repairs, add character to the city
Creative transport in Havana
Apart from the classic cars as taxis, there is a lot of other creative transport in Havana
The Malecón Havana Cuba
Fish and philosophy on the Malecón in Havana
Havana Angels
A Tale of Havana Angels and of Sarah Bernhardt, Mazzantini, and passion
Havana Grandeur: restored and unrestored
The grandeur of Havana has style – whether restored to former elegance or wearily slumbering in the sunshine
Havana political demonstration
Havana political demonstration - The art of politics in a political demonstration on the Malecon
Havana street water-skiing
Spontaneous Havana street water-skiing in a rainstorm
Parrandas and pedlars in Remedios Cuba
Will the sparrow hawk catch the rooster or will the rooster have his day? Each Christmas Eve during the Parrandas festivities, the people of Remedios decide the winner.
Two Churches of Remedios Cuba
Reputed to be the second oldest Spanish settlement in Cuba, the lovely town of Remedios is the only town in Cuba to have two churches at its centre.
Sancti Spíritus Cuba and its celebrations of the past
Not a major tourist destination, the colourful city of Sancti Spíritus Cuba celebrates its past, and has a lot of appeal for those who just want to absorb everyday life.
Markets and performers in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
The young performers and those with wares to sell in the street market reveal much of the personality of Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
Palacio Cantero Museum Trinidad de Cuba
A tribute to the power of personality and extravagance, Palacio Cantero in Trinidad de Cuba is a wonderful discovery.
Trinidad de Cuba
Trinidad de Cuba had been described as beautiful. I found it more a place seeped in history and full of character(s) with great locals’ haunts.
Almendares River Cuba
The Almendares River is believed to have special powers for Cuban voodoo - and its magic wraps around you in Almendares Park not far from Havana
The Cuban Approach Cuban Travel
The Cuban Approach is an adventure: it is an adventure in travelling one month with no plan on the backroads of Cuba; it is an adventure that shows how to deal with death and loss, and in developing the art of letting go.
Backroad travel in Cuba
Travelling the backroads and tracks of Cuba gives insight into everyday life in rural communities
Bay of Pigs Cuba
The Bay of Pigs in Cuba: A coral coast, a diver’s paradise, underwater caves, and multi-coloured fish that cast a spell of 'slow' on you.
Guamá resort Zapata National Park Cuba
Designed by Fidel just after the Revolution, Guamá is meant to re-create what a Taíno village would have been like - and is now a thatched resort.
Viñales in Pinar del Rio Cuba
Viñales in Pinar del Rio Cuba: Cuba unadorned - and a tobacco farmer’s passion for life
Kerkouane Tunisia
Lying on the east coast of Tunisia, the ruins of Kerkouane are the only known example of a Phoenician city of the time of the Punic Wars –over 250 years BC
Dar Sebastian Hammamet Tunisia
Frank Lloyd Wright thought it beautiful, Rommel used it as his HQ and Churchill wrote his memoirs there: Dar Sebastian in Tunisia is now an empty shell echoing a fascinating past
Hammamet Tunisia
Hammamet in Tunisia has become a tourist mecca of a type that blots out much of what drew the rich and famous there in the 1900s – but there is still beauty to be found
Doha Old Souk
It is a new interpretation rather than genuinely old– but the Doha Old Souk definitely has character and style
Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi
Discover why the elegant Emirates Palace is much more than simply one of the most sumptuous hotels in the world - and a fine place to indulge in quiet luxury.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a place of contemplation, elegance and stunning design
Abu Dhabi Desert riding the dunes
Riding the desert dunes Abu Dhabi on the edge of the 'Empty Quarter' in Abu Dhabi by 4WD is both exhilerating and terrifying.
Afternoon Tea at Burj Al Arab Dubai
Any hotel that awards itself seven stars has a reputation to live up to – and afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab is a great way to explore this Dubai icon.
Dubai Creek
To take a water taxi at sunset on Dubai Creek is to catch a glimpse of the contrast between old and new in Dubai – and it is a magical way to end a day
Madinat Jumeirah Dubai
Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai: A 40 hectare fantasy (nearly 99 acres) full of canals, luxury hotels, restaurants, a recreated souk and a turtle sanctuary
Singapore Cheng Ho Cruise
It is seems to be no longer possible to take the Singapore Cheng Ho Cruise named after master navigator and diplomat Zeng He
Hidden Sydney
Remote, yet just a ferry ride from the city here is Hidden Sydney
Tokyo Fish Market
At the Tokyo Fish Market you can discover types of fish you’ve never seen, wonder why the vendors are not electrocuted, and be fascinated by the tuna auction.
Omiya Bonsai Village Tokyo
Just outside Tokyo is the Omiya Bonsai Village – a place where you can roam thousands of miniature forests and wonder at the visual poetry of this ancient art
Tokyo Tower
Guarded by dogs of legend, housing a wax version of Jimi Hendrix and Leonardi da Vinci and 5,000 fish, the Tokyo Tower is an aging but rather loved icon of Japan
Kimonos, Kobe Beef and Kabuki in Tokyo
Tokyo: Japanese cuisine, costume, and Kabuki Theatre: perhaps the longest running soap operas in the world
Traditional Balinese Village Wedding
A traditional Balinese wedding is an occasion for all to celebrate and your attendance is an honour – but dealing with the wedding feast can require some diplomacy
Bali rainforest by 4WD
Bali rainforest by 4WD: a little seen side of this beautiful island
Village of White Herons in Bali
Village of White Herons: In 1965 herons arrived in their hundreds in the Bali village of Petulu . Are they really the lost souls of those in the mass graves after bloody massacres written out of Indonesia’s history?
Puerta del Sol New Year
One of the top 10 places in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve: Puerta del Sol Madrid. Eat one grape per midnight chime till the golden ball falls.
Dresden Christmas Market
Reputed to be the oldest event in all of Germany, the Dresden Christmas Market is actually a gathering of Christmas Markets, each with unique character – here are some.
Trier Christmas Market
Trier is the oldest city in Germany and the Trier Christmas Market has a spectacular setting that draws visitors from the surrounding region – and the world
Munich Christmas Market
Even on the day before the Munich Christmas Market opened there was much to see around the Marienplatz – and to demand a night visit a few days later
Munich Night Christmas Market
The Munich Night Christmas Market is a mass of colour, people and festivities – and spreads through surrounding streets and squares
Rüdesheim Christmas Market
Rüdesheim is one of the most romantic of towns among many romantic towns on the stretch of river known as The Romantic Rhine – but at Christmas it is spectacular.
Madrid Christmas Market
The Madrid Christmas Market in the Plaza Major is as much about preparations for the pranks of Holy Innocents Day as it is about the Nativity.
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