Ukraine Support

Image downloaded from Etsy from Anna from Kiev

You can click the link and do the same

The people of Ukraine  need us to support them.

I don't need to expand on the awful situation Ukrainian civilians are suffering. Many of our readers would like to help.

There are many ways. We have booked accommodation through AirBnB - bought digital prints that once downloaded give funds straight away to the artist, and products on Etsy we don't want to ever receive  - just to get some money to the people who need it.

Here are some other  ways you can help - as SBI (the wonderful team at the company who host my sites) has advised us:

World Central Kitchen (WCK)

WCK provides cooked meals on the ground to communities impacted by natural disasters or humanitarian crises. Their mission is simple: “When people are hungry, send in cooks. Not tomorrow, today.”

In support of refugees escaping the violence, WCK began serving hot, nourishing meals in Poland within a day of the initial attack and are now set up at eight border crossings. They are also looking into the possibility of delivering meals each day to families on the Ukrainian side of the border, waiting in line across the eight entry points.

The link below takes you directly to their donation page:!/donation/checkout

Their donation process is straightforward. First select whether it’s a one-time or monthly donation, then choose the amount and fill in your personal data. Payment options are Google Pay, PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH)

Polish Humanitarian Action is a smaller charity based in Poland. They provide food and hygiene items along with other stuff that’s needed, both in Poland and in Ukraine. They set up a permanent mission in Ukraine in 2015 and have been providing support there ever since.

Here’s the link to donate directly to their Ukraine campaign:

In this form you only have to fill in your first name, family name (surname) and email. From the three check boxes, only the first one is required.

After clicking the DONATE button, you can pay via credit card.

Let us support Ukraine is in the unfortunate geography to be the buffer zone to one man's ambitions and the rest of  Europe.

However you choose to do so, please support the Ukrainian people who have shown incredible courage and fortitude.

Young Ukrainian artist you can download this too by clicking here

Ana from Kyiv an artist still in Kyiv with family and cats. You can find her art here and every download releases much needed money to her. This is Anna's Instagram page