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The images from my travels put new perspectives on a place.

I have a fascination with reflections. I find that when I look at them they change the perspective of that place, that image, that moment - and make it something quite personal.This book is about the magic of reflection and also of how the photo is amplified by the quotation that accompanies it. Together they may have us look inwards as well as outwards.

In doing so we sometimes find each of these images to be a sort of parable that sheds light on life and its perplexities, its challenges, its heartaches, and its delights.

Each image has a small story to tell about the place and how it was that I was there to take the photo.

This collection of quotations is dedicated to all those who risk losing their dreams. The wisdom within may just be the key to the art of letting go and travelling onwards happily towards new adventures.

Together with quirky illustrations, each quote has earned its place within the covers. Many are quotations by the author of The Cuban Approach. Those by others are here coupled with short vignettes about the author of each – giving the reader insight to both the philosophy and the times.