Life Reflections 

When we were little, our mother used to take time to show us small things of beauty as we walked or drove, and to spend time together creating things.

Someone commented that through my stories and photos I help people see a place from a totally new perspective – and perhaps the development of my childhood wonder and curiosity is the reason why.

So – with this free download I pass on some Life Reflections.

Enjoy them, and as usual – please feel free to circulate to your friends and colleagues.

Reflections on Life


Slide 1:

Deidersheim, on the German Wine Road in the Pfalz

Slide 2:

Inside lanterns reflected in the palm trees outside, with the Sheik Zayad Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi in the distance

Slide 3:

Mainz (Mayence) Old City, Germany

Slide 4:

Jumeirah Beach Hotel viewed from the Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Slide 5:

In a chapel in a mountain village in Mallorca

Slide 6:

Guthaus Stolpe on the German Ostsee in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany (close to Rostock)

Slide 7:

Augustinakirche (St Augustine's Church) in the Mainz Altstadt (Old Town), Germany – built in 1260 and modernised in about 1768.

Slide 8:

L'Ecailler restaurant overlooking port of la Cotinière, Isle de l’ Oléron, just south of La Rochelle, France

Slide 8:

Model ship - Le Napoléon in the church of Saint-Denis on the island of Oléron, just south of La Rochelle, France